We at Integrity Time, LLC, believe the time is now for us to begin to lay the foundation of strong values in our children. We believe that this foundation, built through the partnership of parents, teachers and other caring adults, will make the difference, not only in the lives of individual children, but also in the world that they in turn, will influence.

The Integrity Time Curriculum is a unique curriculum, which builds the character of children in age-appropriate ways by teaching them attributes of good character and how to apply them.  A mixture of music, games, instruction, and role-play sets Integrity Time apart from other programs. Additionally, the Integrity Time curriculum reinforces many academic realms including phonics, manuscript writing, creative writing, and reading skills.  All this is enhanced by award winning graphics and award winning producers of the musical CDs.

There are two curriculum levels currently available: Know It (for PreK through 1st grade) and Grow It (for 2nd through 4th grade). Integrity Time materials can only be purchased through Integrity Time, LLC. The optimum way for the curriculum to be implemented is to employ one kit per classroom. The 30-minute lessons can be taught once a week for 26 weeks. We usually see the lessons taught by classroom volunteers, but, in some cases, the teachers themselves have chosen to teach it.

We know of several ways to help fund the Integrity Time Curriculum in your schools. Integrity Time meets the requirements for Title 1 Funding.  We see great success in corporate sponsorship programs, where we work with companies to put an Integrity Time kit in each classroom along with promotional materials featuring the sponsor’s name. Also, in many schools the PTO has been highly involved in raising funds through creative activities. At least one community has established a special foundation for people to donate funds to be used by schools.

We know that once you experience Integrity Time, you will agree that no other program has the unique blend of elements and effectiveness of Integrity Time. Feel free to contact us after reviewing the information on the website.

Letter from the creator:

“When my first child began first grade, I, like many other parents, was very apprehensive. The school she was to attend had an excellent reputation, but I also was bombarded with news stories that filled my mind with many “what if’s.” I was determined that I would do whatever I could to make this the best experience possible. I began to think of ways to volunteer in the classroom.

With a background in teaching, my mind immediately went to thinking of a way to partner with my child’s teacher and help my child, as well as her friends, learn about the many important issues of Integrity. Thus, came the conception of Integrity Time.

I wrote an interactive lesson each week dealing with an issue of Integrity and volunteered to teach it in the classroom. By the end of the year, the teachers had requested that I share, what had now become known asIntegrity Time, with their classes the following year. Throughout the summer, and especially as fall approached, many mothers began asking about  Integrity Time. They, too, wanted to partner with their child’s teacher, and do something significant in the classroom.

This concept spread by word of mouth, and soon moms from other schools were asking me about how they could be involved in doingIntegrity Time at their children’s schools. And this is how Integrity Time began.

At present, Moms are still volunteering to do Integrity Time in classrooms and teachers are implementing it as a weekly classroom lesson. It is also being used as a schoolwide program so all the children can learn the concepts at the same time.

If you like Integrity Time, the thanks goes to the many different parents and teachers like yourself who are interested in encouraging their children to choose what is true and good and right. Join us in this journey!”

Sara Berry