Accept Feedback from Parents

I have oftentimes received my best ideas and tips from the parents of the students with whom I work. I find it is not always easy to receive feedback from others, but when I decide to be open, the ideas can revolutionize your teaching environment. Parents have a window into the intricate life of their child and their child’s peers.

Learn to value their perspective and your insight into how best to educate their children will increase.

Consider creating some type of system where parents can offer feedback to you whether that be an anonymous suggestion box, e-mail response, written idea form, etc. Be creative in the way you ask for feedback. For example, one teacher sent the list of Integrity Time traits to the parents. She requested they write her a letter when they saw their child exhibiting one of the traits at home. At the end of the year, the teacher displayed the parents’ letter in her room. This was a wonderful way to teach parents a positive enforcement technqiue.

Remember, the more open and welcoming you are to parents, the more likely they are to be open with you and the results can bring great excitement on both sides as you see how much they care and might be more willing to help.

by Allyson Willis