Be a Catalyst for Positive Change

You can be a catalyst for positive change with a difficult student – one small step at a time. Difficult children are difficult for a reason which usually stems from their environment. Every child has value and part of why you probably were inspired to teach in the first place was to love and meet the needs of all the children who are brought into your path.


When you have a student with a difficult trait, they often times either do not have the skill to do something different or do not have the self-control. Pick the opposite behavior of that trait and teach them what that trait looks like. Then write that trait on a piece of paper and tape it to their desk. Every time the difficult student exhibits that opposite, positive trait, praise them or recognize them in some way so they will begin to see their new trait in action. Pretty soon, the new behavior will become a habit and you can move on to the next trait.


by Allyson Willis