Build It

A workplace where you feel connected with your co-workers is so enjoyable. Unfortunately, the days fly by so fast and are so packed there is often little time to really get to know each other so be intentional about building community among your peers. Suggest to your principal to do team-building activities at each faculty meeting. These can be short and yet so valuable for bringing people together.


Some team-building ideas:

  1. Ask everyone what is their favorite meal and why.
  2. Put all staff members’ names in a hat and ask each person to draw a name. Share a quality in that person which you admire, appreciate or from which you have learned.
  3. Have each person tell about a meaningful time they served someone else.
  4. Ask each staff person to share about someone who has been a hero in their life.
  5. Have everyone bring a photo of a special family or friend and share something you like to do together.

You can certainly expand this to longer activities or even consider going to a local place on a teacher training day to participate in a ropes course with deeper team-building activities. The main thing is to be the catalyst in intentionally getting to know those with whom you work.


by Allyson Willis