Bullying Lesson | How Can I Avoid It?

Here’s a free lesson that will help children avoid fighting when a bully confronts them, and teach them how to respond with Integrity!

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The lesson begins by directing the children in playing Thumb Wars. This leads into a discussion of the kind of fighting that is not fun. Fighting is very harmful and unproductive.  Some people fight because they are frustrated, angry, or sad about life situations. They don’t know what to do with those emotions, so they take it out on others. This is a negative and unproductive way of dealing with frustration, anger, or sadness.

To see and print the entire lesson, download the lesson for free here.

Be prepared to ask more questions to promote discussion about bullying. Older children may prefer playing the game according to the rules of musical chairs. Suggested songs for this lesson are “Tame Your Tongue,” Track 1, or “When The Pot Gets Hot,” Track 3 from the Integrity Tunes 2 Grow It CD. These may be purchased here or on iTunes.

To download this free Crossword Puzzle Activity Pageclick here. Stumped? See the answers here.

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