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Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle


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Roses are red, violets are blue, we created this Valentine’s Day Puzzle just for you!

Holiday Service Scavenger Hunt

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Here is a free preview from our new S.O.S. Service Project Booklet. Use this fun project to help students learn about serving others during this holiday season. Whether you use it in the classroom, with a service organization, or at home, the lesson is easily adaptable to all children.

To purchase the Integrity Time S.O.S. Service Project Booklet in its entirety, click on the link below.

Integrity Time S.O.S. Service Project Booklet

Bullying Role Play

Bullying is a pattern of aggressive behavior that has the intention of hurting another person. Schools try to create a safe environment where children are free from this kind of behavior, but that is not always the case. In order for classrooms to be prepared to handle bullying, try to role play the behavior. For example, allow students to play the different roles, i.e. the bully, the victim and a by-stander. Be sure all students can define what bullying is and what they can do to defend themselves or to help someone else. Be sure to define your role as a teacher to help students who might be involved in being bullied or see it occurring.

This role-playing exercise does several things. It allows students to understand what bullying is so they can identify it if it happens. It also allows … Read More »

Bullying Lesson | Talk About It

Here’s a FREE lesson that will help children talk openly and honestly about bullying, and teach them how to live with Integrity!

Click here to download and print the entire lesson.


We also have a fun VIDEO about Bullying that you can share with your students:

Standing Up to the Bully – click here.

If you like this lesson, check out our complete curriculums here.

Heart and Hand

Hey, kids! What time is it?

Integrity Time!

Much action takes place with our hands…we can hit, we can hug. We can push, we can pull. We can shake, we can share. We can work diligently, or we can barely lift a finger. Lots of action takes place with our hands. What determines the form of action, however, has to do with our hearts. Often what is in our hearts reflects what we do with our hands.

Place one hand above your other hand, on the wrist, and find your pulse. Even though the heart is in the chest area, the beat of the heart can be found near the hand. In the same way, the Integrity content of the heart affects the action of the hands.

Heart and Hand

Take a white piece of card stock paper and trace one of your hands on … Read More »

Picking One

As teachers, we strive for perfection and often want to tackle everything at one time, but here’s a new strategy to consider. Pick one behavior at a time on which to work with students who may challenge your patience with their behavior.

Make a list of the specific behaviors you would like to see your students change. PICK ONE, yes, just one at a time!
Talk with your students about this behavior and teach them what you want them to do instead of what they are currently doing.
Make a small chart for their desk with the word “GOAL” written on the chart. Then make squares for the number of times you want them to exhibit the behavior for the day. For example, if your students constantly shout out the answer to a question, tell them you want them to raise their hand … Read More »

Be willing to say “I’m Sorry”

All teachers can have a bad day sometimes. Teachers can sometimes grow impatient, angry, worried or frustrated which can negatively affect the example we give our students. If you blow it, say you are sorry. By nature, students are forgiving. An honest conversation could open up an avenue of change. Of course, teachers should always expect the students to treat them as an authority figure, but if an apology is in order, don’t hesitate. This humility will teach the students to admit their own mistakes.

Be sure to ask for their forgiveness. We miss the true relationship-building opportunity when we simply say “I’m sorry” and forget to follow up with “Will you forgive me?” An admission of mistake is not as effective of a relationship builder if it is not followed with the action of forgiveness. What a great life lesson … Read More »

My Time

In order to be strong for others, we must take time to renew our strength. It is easy to think we have so much to do we could not possibly stop long enough to take care of ourselves. Even if it is just 15-30 minutes, build in time each day or week to take care of yourself.

This may include:

reading a magazine or a chapter of a book you keep meaning to pick up
fixing yourself a cup of hot tea and just sitting down for a few minutes
taking a walk around the block or at a local park
drinking more water each day
spending time with a friend who is positive
going to bed earlier so you feel rested for the next day

You might even write yourself a note to remind you that you need to take time for yourself. When you do, you … Read More »

The Thankful Game

Morning routine provides a great opportunity to teach students good life lessons. Try something new in your morning routine such as playing The Thankful Game. You can play with all the students or one at a time. The only rule is that something you are thankful for cannot be repeated by anyone. You simply name things you are thankful for such as “parents, dry place to live in, summer camp, food for dinner, bike to ride, toothbrush, job, health, laughter, school supplies, etc.”.

It is amazing what kind of conversations begin to develop just from spending time together talking about things for which to be thankful. It also helps to promote a lifestyle where children begin to realize how blessed they really are for what they have when sometimes what we tend to focus on is what we do not have.

G is for Generous

Being generous means giving something we have to someone else – and doing so with a cheerful attitude. This holiday season let’s focus on being generous to others rather than focusing on ourselves.

Read through the following phrases and think about who would say each one – Selfish Sellie (who focuses on herself) or Generous George (who focuses on others):

She got more than me!
I have plenty. Would you like to share?
This is mine. You can’t have it!
I want to give my extra toys to someone who needs them.
I don’t want to share!

We would love for you and your family to be generous this month. Print off our “Project Ideas” worksheet and choose a few to do during the month. You can even come up with your own project ideas!

Email us at and let us know how you are choosing to … Read More »