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Bullying Role Play

Bullying is a pattern of aggressive behavior that has the intention of hurting another person. Schools try to create a safe environment where children are free from this kind of behavior, but that is not always the case. In order for classrooms to be prepared to handle bullying, try to role play the behavior. For example, allow students to play the different roles, i.e. the bully, the victim and a by-stander. Be sure all students can define what bullying is and what they can do to defend themselves or to help someone else. Be sure to define your role as a teacher to help students who might be involved in being bullied or see it occurring.

This role-playing exercise does several things. It allows students to understand what bullying is so they can identify it if it happens. It also allows … Read More »

Bullying Lesson | Talk About It

Here’s a FREE lesson that will help children talk openly and honestly about bullying, and teach them how to live with Integrity!

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We also have a fun VIDEO about Bullying that you can share with your students:

Standing Up to the Bully – click here.

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Bullying Find A Word

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Here’s a fun Find A Word to reinforce what you learned in the lesson entitled Bullying: Stand Up Against It.

Bullying Crossword Puzzle

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Stumped? See the answers here.

Here’s a fun Crossword Puzzle to reinforce what you learned in the Lesson entitled Bullying: How Can I Avoid It?

Bullying Lesson | How Can I Avoid It?

Here’s a free lesson that will help children avoid fighting when a bully confronts them, and teach them how to respond with Integrity!

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The lesson begins by directing the children in playing Thumb Wars. This leads into a discussion of the kind of fighting that is not fun. Fighting is very harmful and unproductive.  Some people fight because they are frustrated, angry, or sad about life situations. They don’t know what to do with those emotions, so they take it out on others. This is a negative and unproductive way of dealing with frustration, anger, or sadness.

To see and print the entire lesson, download the lesson for free here.

Be prepared to ask more questions to promote discussion about bullying. Older children may prefer playing the game according to the rules of musical chairs. Suggested songs … Read More »

Stand Up Against Bullying

Stand Up Against Bullying from Integrity Time on Vimeo.

Bullying Lesson | Stand Up Against It!

Here’s a free lesson that will help children identify bullying, and teach them how to respond with Integrity!

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The lesson begins by saying, “Today we are going to talk about bullying. Bullying is a word that most of us have heard. Often at school, at home, or even in the news we hear of the negative effects of bullying. But do you know what the word means? A bully is someone who is aggressive and mean toward others so that they can feel powerful. There are many types of bullying such as pushing, shoving, teasing, threatening, and name-calling. In recent years another type of bullying has occurred more often. This type is called Cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying means to be mean and threatening through technology such as emails, text messages, Facebook, or Twitter. … Read More »