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Integrity Time Bible Studies

Available with Spanish and Chinese translations.

Integrity Time Bible Lessons is a fun, interactive program which teaches integrity through the stories found in the Bible. This program is a wonderful addition to private schools, parochial schools, homeschool settings, and church programs such as Sunday schools or mid-week programs.

Each basic lesson is about 30 minutes. To extend the lesson for 45, 60 or more minutes, Timely Extenders are found with each lesson. Each lesson includes a Timely Verse that children are encouraged to memorize. Also included in each lesson is a Parent’s Page which gives parents ideas to extend and reinforce the lessons at home.

The graphics file included with the curriculum contains a scripture memorization chart and stickers, reproducible puppets, picture frames, reproducible worksheets and other positive reinforcement tools.

“Integrity Tunes,” music co-written by Sara Berry and Emmy Award winning artist, Rivers Rutherford, … Read More »

Summer of 1969

Summer of 1969: The Story of Cozett Juanita Gambrel
by Juanita G. Floyd and Sara W. Berry


This inspiring book tells the story of Cozett Juanita Gambrel Floyd as her mother insightfully prepared her to enter into a new school during desegregation in 1969. Juanita’s true story is written as a delightful poem penned by Sara Berry and also contains words of wisdom from Juanita herself. It is full of beautiful original illustrations by Tracy Applewhite. The timely release of this book will positively impact scores of school children today, and reminds us all that lessons from the past can carry us through to peace and dignity today.


“It was the summer of 1969, and things were about to change in the life of
Cozett Juanita Gambrel. Integration of public schools had begun, and she
would be the only black child in her new class. … Read More »

Integrity Time Pencils

Customizable Integrity Time pencils are available to schools, businesses and groups.

Pencils are imprinted with a color design featuring the school, business or group’s name and the Integrity Time logo.

Great incentives for children who choose what is true and good and right!

Quotes Available Upon Request.

Integrity Time Online

Providing you with all of the lessons of the Integrity Time Curriculum as a digital download.

ABC Integrity Time Know It and Integrity Time Grow It are now available online, providing individuals and schools the opportunity to own Integrity Time character curriculum as a digital download.

The entire program is available for the low cost of $168, a total savings of nearly 50% from the regular retail price of an Integrity Time curriculum kit.

Integrity Time Online subscribers receive the entire 26 lesson curriculum in PDF format, along with student booklets for each grade level, and excellent resources and supplemental materials to expand the Integrity Time Lessons. Read more about the details included in the digital downloads for ABC Integrity Time Know It and Integrity Time Grow It.

After you complete your payment through PayPal, be on the lookout for an email from, … Read More »

Integrity Time Know It!

ABC Integrity Time – Know It (Ages 4-7)

ABC Integrity Time Know It is a unique program designed to teach our young children foundational values of Integrity. It includes 26 Lessons based on the ABC’s – A stands for Attitude, B stands for Behavior, C stands for Cooperation, etc. The children will learn through games, special snacks, fun puppets, and creative songs many lessons about the importance of choosing what is true and good and right.

We are excited about partnering with you in teaching children important character lessons that will serve them now and throughout their lives. At the end of each lesson, the children will be given a Dinner Time Discussion Sheet to take home. This will encourage the partnership of parents, teachers, and other caring adults, making the difference not only in the lives of individual children … Read More »

Integrity Time Grow It!

Integrity Time – Grow It (Ages 7-10)

Integrity Time Grow It, designed for ages 7-10, teaches children about some of the pitfalls which hinder integrity, including cheating, teasing, tattling, being mean, and being lazy, and shows how to avoid these pitfalls. The program encourages integration into the academic world of reading, creative writing, journaling, and art through guided journal entries, and student booklets. Integrity Time Grow It includes 26 weeks of curriculum with 26 original integrity stories.

The Integrity Tunes 2 CD features award-winning songwriters and producers, Rivers Rutherford and Monroe Jones. This exciting musical project will be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. Grow It Student Booklets are in journal format encouraging creative writing and positive role play. Individual Story Booklets allow the children to follow along with the original stories and process the lesson even further. What a privilege it is to partner with you in … Read More »

Principal’s List

The Principal’s List is for more than just principals! This is a valuable resource comprised of a collection of daily intercom slogans that allows school leaders to emphasize good character and develop integrity in the lives of the students. It also includes a monthly plan and calendars to help administrators to prepare the integrity slogans, as well as ideas for schoolwide pep rallies, parades, art activities, essay contests, and service projects. This idea packed booklet also includes creative ways to support and encourage school staff.

The Principal’s List is available as a digital download. Purchase now and immediately receive links to download the file.



Principal’s List

Serving Others Selflessly


The S.O.S. Service Project Booklet is a collection of fun projects that teach students to serve others. This booklet includes creative projects, crafts, and song lyrics.

This idea packed booklet also includes reproducible pages, an essay writing contest, and a drawing contest. The Integrity Time S.O.S. Booklet teaches what is true, and good, and right through gifts of service.

The S.O.S. Booklet is available as a digital download. Purchase now and immediately receive links to download the file.


S.O.S Service Project Booklet

Integrity Time Online FAQ

Integrity Time Online Frequently Asked Questions


What is Integrity Time?

Integrity Time is a character education program designed to teach children the foundational values of integrity.

What is ABC Integrity Time Know It (ages 4 – 8)?

ABC Integrity Time Know It is a character education program designed to teach children ages 4–8 the foundational values of integrity. Children learn the importance of choosing what is true and good and right through creative lessons, teaching games, special snacks, colorful puppets, and fun songs. For more information or to see a sample lesson, click HERE.

What is Integrity Time Grow It (ages 7 – 10)?

Integrity Time Grow It, designed for children ages 7-10, teaches students about some of the pitfalls which hinder integrity – cheating, teasing, tattling, being mean, being lazy – and shows children how to avoid these. The … Read More »

Know It Timely Extenders