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Integrity Time Know It!

ABC Integrity Time – Know It (Ages 4-7)

ABC Integrity Time Know It is a unique program designed to teach our young children foundational values of Integrity. It includes 26 Lessons based on the ABC’s – A stands for Attitude, B stands for Behavior, C stands for Cooperation, etc. The children will learn through games, special snacks, fun puppets, and creative songs many lessons about the importance of choosing what is true and good and right.

We are excited about partnering with you in teaching children important character lessons that will serve them now and throughout their lives. At the end of each lesson, the children will be given a Dinner Time Discussion Sheet to take home. This will encourage the partnership of parents, teachers, and other caring adults, making the difference not only in the lives of individual children … Read More »

Integrity Time Grow It!

Integrity Time – Grow It (Ages 7-10)

Integrity Time Grow It, designed for ages 7-10, teaches children about some of the pitfalls which hinder integrity, including cheating, teasing, tattling, being mean, and being lazy, and shows how to avoid these pitfalls. The program encourages integration into the academic world of reading, creative writing, journaling, and art through guided journal entries, and student booklets. Integrity Time Grow It includes 26 weeks of curriculum with 26 original integrity stories.

The Integrity Tunes 2 CD features award-winning songwriters and producers, Rivers Rutherford and Monroe Jones. This exciting musical project will be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. Grow It Student Booklets are in journal format encouraging creative writing and positive role play. Individual Story Booklets allow the children to follow along with the original stories and process the lesson even further. What a privilege it is to partner with you in … Read More »

Integrity Time Online | Grow It

When you subscribe to Integrity Time Online Grow It, we will send a link to download the Introduction Folder, which contains the following items:

Integrity Time binder front/back page (download)
Training Video (view)
An Integrity Time in Action video (view)
The Integrity Time puppets (download)
Integrity Time puppet video links (view)
Suggestions on how to get parents involved (download)
Integrity Time picture frame graphics (download)
Integrity Time Stickers (download)

You will also receive a link to a Welcome Page, which hosts:

Training Video
Integrity Time in Action Video
Integrity Time Puppet Video links
Integrity Tunes link

And the following lessons:

Sweet and Sour
Breaking Promises
Being Bossy
Hand and Heart
Bad Sport
Being Mean
Being Forgetful
Being Rude
Being Wasteful
Being Greedy
Being Lazy
Throwing Tantrums
Being Friends
Being You
Being Healthy
Review and Final Celebration
Timely Tips – Taking Care of You
Exercise and Eating Right Chart
Timely Tips – Getting Organized
Organizational Chart



Purchase Integrity Time Online:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity for children to stay at home, we are offering … Read More »