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Integrity Time

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Survey Results

We surveyed 155 principals and educators from 34 states in the United States and 99.3% believe that it is extremely important to teach Character Education in elementary schools.

We also surveyed 80 principals and educators who had used Integrity Time products for 5 years. This represented approximately 6,000 students, and of those surveyed….

95% believe that the Integrity Time program is extremely easy to use and implement into their classroom.

98.7% believe that the Integrity Time music is extremely effective in teaching concepts of integrity.

100% have seen a positive impact in their school and classroom environments.

Research Based Best Practices Embedded Within the Integrity Time Curriculum

High teacher and student modeling of positive character traits that help build a caring and supportive school culture
Direct instruction of character related vocabulary
Students are engaged in making real world connections.
Each lesson provides a weekly opportunity for parents to reinforce the positive character traits through the Dinner Time Discussion sheets.
Students are engaged in … Read More »

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