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When the Days Get Tough

Your job is one of the most important jobs in our society.


When the days get tough, think back to why you began teaching. You knew you could make a difference in the lives of children.


When the days get tough, think back to the children who left you a note on your desk or told you they wished they could go home and live with you.


When the days get tough, think back to the student who came into your class failing and was promoted successfully to the next grade at the end of the year.


Children need the positive guidance you have to give them.  You have had many victories because of your dedication to love the seemingly unlovable, manage into obedience the out of control, listen to the frustrated parent, find the funding for that special fieldtrip and teach the apparent … Read More »

Remember When?

Sometimes it is important to remember. While we cannot live in the past, we can revisit the happy times when we need a little encouragement.


When was the last time you reflected on your first year of teaching or when you thought about the day you finally decided that what you wanted to do with your life was to teach children? Why did you make that decision? What were your motives then? What are your motives now? Do you remember the feeling of walking into YOUR classroom for the first time? Do you remember making bulletin boards, cleaning desks, putting names on sentence strips for each child? Do you remember the nervousness you felt at the first Open House or the excitement the first time you saw the “lightbulb” go off in a student’s head?


I invite you to remember today. Make … Read More »

Get Active

Physical activity helps the body and brain stay in shape. If you exercise, take your routine to the next level and challenge yourself. If you do not exercise on a regular basis, begin TODAY. Don’t make the exercise complicated. Just pick something convenient to get you started like walking in your neighborhood before or after work, walking stairs for fifteen minutes, getting some free weights and exercising your arms, asking a friend to be your running buddy for accountability, or purchasing a home exercise video. Whatever comes to mind, just do it! When you jumpstart now with a simple exercise, you will notice how much better you feel which will spur you on to greater things later.


by Allyson Willis

Tell Your Story to Students

Everyone loves a good story, especially children. Tell your own stories of integrity and your students will have greater respect for you and will feel better connected to you. When did you begin to value integrity? Did you see your father return the extra change he mistakenly received? Did you notice your mother never lied? Did a particular teacher help you understand the importance of doing quality work? What was her name? How did she impress this upon you?


Telling the negative stories is effective as well. Make sure you do not include real names, but tell the stories of how you decided to choose integrity by learning from the mistakes of others. A wise person will watch and learn without having to learn the hard way.


by Sara Berry, Founder & CEO, … Read More »

My Time

In order to be strong for others, we must take time to renew our strength. It is easy to think we have so much to do we could not possibly stop long enough to take care of ourselves. Even if it is just 15-30 minutes, build in time each day or week to take care of yourself.

This may include:

reading a magazine or a chapter of a book you keep meaning to pick up
fixing yourself a cup of hot tea and just sitting down for a few minutes
taking a walk around the block or at a local park
drinking more water each day
spending time with a friend who is positive
going to bed earlier so you feel rested for the next day

You might even write yourself a note to remind you that you need to take time for yourself. When you do, you … Read More »