Academic Alignment

Integrity Time Reinforces Academic Standards

The Integrity Time Curriculum reinforces academics in the following ways:

  • The whole point of academic standards is to produce a better, more productive, more equipped worker for the 21st century. Integrity Time certainly succeeds in that goal. Integrity Time is all about reading, critical thinking, writing and communicating.  For example, Q is for quality and Z is for zeal. This teaches kids to do their best and that leads to higher test scores in general.
  • develops a deeper thinking process using relevant events leading to sound reasoning
  • improves the thinking/writing process by providing opportunities for students to write about meaningful events
  • increases understanding, vocabulary and problem solving skills through collaboration by speaking and listening in one on one, small group and whole group settings
  • builds vocabularies through reading using formal English in writing and speaking to make informed skillful choices
  • uses relevant, real world events to reflect and build on previous knowledge in both Integrity Time and Common Core
  • increases the complexity of reading skills in Know It and Grow It, just as they do in Common Core skills
  • grants insight by exploring possibilities and learning broad perspectives, which is also an important component of Common Core. For example, one lesson employs bleach and colored water to show that things are not always as we first see them.
  • allows students to express themselves through writing or even through illustrations before they can write logically, as in Common Core
  • allows students to increase their vocabularies through interaction, and they learn to express themselves in small groups