Did It Make a Difference?

You have spent a school year focusing on integrity. Did it make a difference? Maybe you have seen an improvement in behavior, test scores or relationships between students. Maybe you have seen a decrease in cheating, tattling or bullying or maybe you’re not sure it did make a difference. Maybe the students still struggle with behavior, test scores or relationships. Maybe you didn’t see a remarkable difference, but I assure you it made a difference.


One day, Whit came home from school and went straight for the garbage bags. Without a word to his mother, he began to go through the toys in his room. He carefully selected toy after toy to place in the bag. He wanted to give his toys to children who didn’t have any. Why? Because Whit’s teacher told him “G is for Generous.” He wanted to become more generous and began right away. Whit’s teacher never knew. She never saw the difference, but his mom did.


Tomika heard her teacher say, “Keep your lips from speaking lies.” She went home and told her mom, her dad and her brother. Her teacher never knew. She never saw the difference, but Tomika’s family did and so will her future children, grandchildren and maybe even her future students – all because Tomika’s teacher took the time to teach her about integrity.


Does teaching Integrity Time make a difference? Absolutely. It makes a difference in your individual students and in the world they will, in turn, influence. Keep it up. YOU are changing the world!


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By Sara Berry 

Creator of the Integrity Time program