G is for Generous

Being generous means giving something we have to someone else – and doing so with a cheerful attitude. This holiday season let’s focus on being generous to others rather than focusing on ourselves.

Read through the following phrases and think about who would say each one – Selfish Sellie (who focuses on herself) or Generous George (who focuses on others):

  • She got more than me!
  • I have plenty. Would you like to share?
  • This is mine. You can’t have it!
  • I want to give my extra toys to someone who needs them.
  • I don’t want to share!

We would love for you and your family to be generous this month. Print off our “Project Ideas” worksheet and choose a few to do during the month. You can even come up with your own project ideas!

Email us at info@integritytime.com and let us know how you are choosing to be generous! Send us an update as well as pictures of yourself doing the projects!

Hey Kids! Click on the image and print off the Dinner Time Discussion Sheet to share with your parents. You can color the sheets and talk about the questions together.

Click on the image to print a fun list of Project Ideas for Your Family to Show Generosity.