Heart and Hand

Hey, kids! What time is it?

Integrity Time!

Much action takes place with our hands…we can hit, we can hug. We can push, we can pull. We can shake, we can share. We can work diligently, or we can barely lift a finger. Lots of action takes place with our hands. What determines the form of action, however, has to do with our hearts. Often what is in our hearts reflects what we do with our hands.

Place one hand above your other hand, on the wrist, and find your pulse. Even though the heart is in the chest area, the beat of the heart can be found near the hand. In the same way, the Integrity content of the heart affects the action of the hands.

Heart and Hand

  • Take a white piece of card stock paper and trace one of your hands on the paper.
  • Think of action areas that you can focus on this month. Examples are areas such as, kindness, respect, compassion, diligence, good manners, helpfulness, honesty, etc. These are areas that you personally want to focus on. Take the time to really think through what you want to focus on and even share them with an adult.
  • Write one focus action area on each of the fingers of your hand outline.
  • Draw a heart in the center of the hand outline, as a reminder of the correlation of heart to hand.
  • Cut these out and place a piece of self-adhesive magnet strip on the back of the hand outline. Place these on your refrigerators as a reminder to “stick with it” in fulfilling your Integrity goals.

We would love to hear how you are fulfilling your Integrity goals. Stories can be sent to info@integritytime.com.