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When you subscribe to Integrity Time Online Know It, we will send a link to the Welcome Page where you will be able to download or view the following items:

    • Integrity Time binder front/back page (download)
    • Training Video (view)
    • An Integrity Time in Action video (view)
    • The Integrity Time puppets (download)
    • Integrity Time puppet video links (view)
    • Suggestions on how to get parents involved (download)
    • Integrity Time picture frame graphics (download)
    • Integrity Time Stickers (download)

You will also receive the following lessons:

    • Getting Started Introduction
    • Clock Chart Lyric Booklet
    • A is for Attitude
    • B is for Behavior
    • C is for Cooperation
    • D is for Determination
    • E is for Enthusiastic
    • F is for Fair
    • G is for Generous
    • H is for Helpful
    • I is for Integrity
    • J is for Joyful
    • K is for Kindness
    • L is for Loving
    • M is for Manners
    • Family Projects for the Holiday Season
    • N is for Nature
    • O is for Optimism
    • P is for Peaceful
    • Q is for Quality
    • R is for Respectful
    • S is for Serving
    • T is for Teachable
    • U is for Understanding
    • V is for Very
    • W is for Willing
    • X is for X-ray
    • Y is for Yes
    • Z is for Zeal
    • Timely Tips – Taking Care of You
      Exercise and Eating Right Chart
    • Timely Tips – Getting Organized
      Organizational Chart


Purchase Integrity Time Online:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity for children to stay at home, we are offering Integrity Time Know It and Grow It, full digital kits at an almost-free price of $10. This minimal amount simply offsets our technical and administrative costs. This offer is for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers who want to teach their children lessons of integrity during these uncertain times. 


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