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When you subscribe to Integrity Time Online Know It, we will send a link to the Welcome Page where you will be able to download or view the following items:

    • Integrity Time binder front/back page (download)
    • Training Video (view)
    • An Integrity Time in Action video (view)
    • The Integrity Time puppets (download)
    • Integrity Time puppet video links (view)
    • Suggestions on how to get parents involved (download)
    • Integrity Time picture frame graphics (download)
    • Integrity Time Stickers (download)

You will also receive the following lessons:

    • Getting Started Introduction
    • Clock Chart Lyric Booklet
    • A is for Attitude
    • B is for Behavior
    • C is for Cooperation
    • D is for Determination
    • E is for Enthusiastic
    • F is for Fair
    • G is for Generous
    • H is for Helpful
    • I is for Integrity
    • J is for Joyful
    • K is for Kindness
    • L is for Loving
    • M is for Manners
    • Family Projects for the Holiday Season
    • N is for Nature
    • O is for Optimism
    • P is for Peaceful
    • Q is for Quality
    • R is for Respectful
    • S is for Serving
    • T is for Teachable
    • U is for Understanding
    • V is for Very
    • W is for Willing
    • X is for X-ray
    • Y is for Yes
    • Z is for Zeal
    • Timely Tips – Taking Care of You
      Exercise and Eating Right Chart
    • Timely Tips – Getting Organized
      Organizational Chart


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