Integrity Tunes 2 – Grow It!

Integrity Time Grow It, designed for ages 7-10, teaches children about some of the pitfalls which hinder integrity, including cheating, teasing, tattling, being mean, and being lazy, and shows how to avoid these pitfalls. The program encourages integration into the academic world of reading, creative writing, journaling, and art through guided journal entries and student booklets.

We invite you to listen to a few of these fun songs on iTunes:

1. Tame Your Tongue
2. Greedy Gimmees
3. When The Pot Gets Hot
4. Only One
5. Eat It Up
6. Manners Matter
7. Work, Work, Work
8. Don’t Wag Your Tattle Tail
9. The Friendship Song
10. Build ‘Em Up


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