Name It

Name It is a great intentional activity to help students begin to notice good things about each other. Sometimes children forget the privilege it is to receive an education and sometimes teachers forget it is a privilege to influence a child.


Name It allows teachers and students to name a quality they see in each other and verbalize how they feel about it. For example, “Sue, I noticed how you are so determined when you are practicing reading! That is why you have been scoring so well on your tests. You stick with it until you get it right!” “Mrs. Smith, I saw you give some of your own money to the student who forgot his lunch. That shows you are caring and generous.”


Make sure you and your student are looking each other in the eyes when you name the quality you see in the other person. For children, you will have to teach and coach them in knowing how to name the qualities, but after they get going, there is no stopping them!


by Allyson Willis