Play I.O. – Immediate Obedience

How many hours of classroom time are wasted having to remind students to do what you have asked them to do? To get students in the habit of responding immediately to your directives, play I.O. – Immediate Obedience.


Start by explaining what immediate obedience means to make sure they understand the terminology. Begin the game by having everyone come to military attention and put their hand to their brow when you say “Attention I.O.” Then instruct them with a task, for example: “Put your books and pencils away”, “Push your chair up to your table”, or “Line up at the door quietly”. Mix up your directives so different groups have to do different things at the same time.


The practice will help to teach the students who are not as familiar with what it means to obey and to do it immediately when they are asked. It will also help students understand this is a classroom expectation you have. Praise students who obey immediately and praise others as they follow suit. When students fall back into their old habits, play the game again. At the end of the week, give I.O. awards to students who are naturally obedient and to those who are improving.

by Allyson Willis