Praising Parents

Parents need praise, too. Yes, it’s true, so start your year off right and keep going strong all year long by sending your children’s parents notes of praise. Anything positive you experience from your students’ parents is appropriate to praise.  Examples are:

  1. “I noticed what healthy lunches you pack your child.”
  2. “Thank you for always calling me back so promptly.”
  3. “You always put so much heart into volunteering.”
  4. “As a dad, you are always there to go on field trips. Thank you.  We really need you!”
  5. “You always take time to listen to the children when you come into the classroom.”

You will be surprised at what a powerful connection you will develop with parents when you take a little time to let them know you notice who they are and what they do. This will also increase the respect children have for their parents when they see you, someone they look up to, praising their parents for doing something good.

by Allyson Willis