Quality Attention

All children want the attention of significant adults in their lives.  As a teacher, you have the opportunity to positively influence your students in many aspects of their lives, not just academically.  The complete health of a child is determined physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally.

Teaching Integrity Time will go a long way in the healthy development of the emotional and social and mental aspects of a child’s life.  But you can also be a role model in the physical health of a child. A great way to promote wellness in your classroom and give your student quality attention is to exercise. This could include something formal such as a regular scheduled exercise activity, or it could be a walk around the classroom in the morning before school, stretching to classical music, or leading the class in a game of Simon Says being sure to include instructions which involve movement. The main thing is to get active with your students and show them that you value your health, as well as theirs. You will find spending this kind of time and attention with your students allows you to get to know them better. It also allows you to be able to laugh and play, two of the things kids know how to do the best and adults seem to forget! Be sure to praise and encourage your students as you see positive qualities growing in them.

 by Allyson Willis and Sara W. Berry