Remember When?

Sometimes it is important to remember. While we cannot live in the past, we can revisit the happy times when we need a little encouragement.


When was the last time you reflected on your first year of teaching or when you thought about the day you finally decided that what you wanted to do with your life was to teach children? Why did you make that decision? What were your motives then? What are your motives now? Do you remember the feeling of walking into YOUR classroom for the first time? Do you remember making bulletin boards, cleaning desks, putting names on sentence strips for each child? Do you remember the nervousness you felt at the first Open House or the excitement the first time you saw the “lightbulb” go off in a student’s head?


I invite you to remember today. Make a list, smile a little, write a note to a former teacher or co-worker. Do something today to celebrate the past and let the past motivate you to press on, even when you are tired and overworked and under-appreciated because what you do matters!


by Allyson Willis