Research: Results from our survey

We surveyed 155 principals and educators from 34 states in the United States and 99.3% believe that it is extremely important to teach Character Education in elementary schools.

We also surveyed 80 principals and educators who had used Integrity Time products for 5 years. This represented approximately 6,000 students, and of those surveyed….

95% believe that the Integrity Time program is extremely easy to use and implement into their classroom.

98.7% believe that the Integrity Time music is extremely effective in teaching concepts of integrity.

100% have seen a positive impact in their school and classroom environments.

Research Based Best Practices Embedded Within the Integrity Time Curriculum

  • High teacher and student modeling of positive character traits that help build a caring and supportive school culture
  • Direct instruction of character related vocabulary
  • Students are engaged in making real world connections.
  • Each lesson provides a weekly opportunity for parents to reinforce the positive character traits through the Dinner Time Discussion sheets.
  • Students are engaged in reflection of their behaviors that exhibit what is true, and good, and right! Principals and teachers often ask students if they are choosing what is true, and good, and right.
  • Each lesson provides step-by-step direct instruction of character traits through hands-on activities.
  • Music is integrated throughout each lesson.
  • The program provides an opportunity for a school wide focus on building integrity, which will have a positive impact on the overall school culture.

Noticeable and measurable outcomes of the Integrity Time program

  • Teachers have reported an increase in positive, cooperative, and caring student attitudes.
  • They also reported increased student enthusiasm for working with peers and teachers.
  • Students were able to apply the character concepts to real situations.
  • There was a significant increase in student displays of respect such as the use of manners and common courtesy.