Sponsorship Program

Many thanks to our current and past sponsors: CocaCola Bottling Co. Consolidated, Southern Community Bank, People’s Bank & Trust, Sweet Peppers Deli, Magnolia Hospital, Corinth Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Mary Haskell Foundation and Create Foundation, for their dedication to the growing character of children in their sphere of influence.

Why Should Your Company Get Involved?

  • It is an investment of immeasurable value.
  • It is an investment in the future of your community. Your sponsorship will help to lay the foundation of strong values, building better citizens.
  • It is an investment in the reputation of your company. People will see that you care about helping children choose what is true and good and right.
  • It is an investment in securing the favor and loyalty of your customers, both present and future. As parents and teachers see your contribution to their children, their loyalty to your company will bestrengthened. These children will grow up knowing you’ve made an investment in their lives.
  • It is an investment in the future of the world. We believe that this foundation built through the partnership of your company, the parents, and the teachers will make a difference, not only in the lives of individual children, but also in the world that they, in turn, will influence.

To find out more about our Sponsorship Program, contact our Sponsorship Program Director, Lane Williams Yoder at lane@integritytime.com.