What People Are Saying…

We at Integrity Time, LLC believe that the Integrity Time program REALLY WORKS. We hear individual stories on a daily basis, and wanted to share some of these stories with you. We value the individual! When we see the Ewings, the Tommikas, the Joshuas, and the Grants respond by applying the principles of the Integrity Time program, we are inspired and empowered to continue to produce products of excellence to further our mission of Integrity. If you would like to share your individual and personal story, you can submit one using our Contact Form.

Our students LOVE Integrity Time! The lessons and tunes are fun and simplified so primary students can understand them. Our students look forward to the “Tick Tock” every day! It’s amazing that a five year old can tell you that Integrity means to choose what is true and good and right! Not only do they understand the meaning they strive to show Integrity every day! - Penny Martin, Counselor, Lewisburg Primary School
Integrity time teaches our students character education on a primary level. Students can comprehend and apply these concepts presented in this wonderful format. - Jeannie Treadway, Principal, Lewisburg Primary School
I think the best thing about Integrity Time is that the students take what they have learned with them wherever they go. Whether it be home, a friend’s house, grandparents’ house, or wherever they are; they become eager to help others, to be respectful, and they learn to choose what is true and good and right. – Misty Vanderburg, Kindergarten Teacher, Lewisburg Primary School
I love this program! It makes the children aware of others’ feelings. They are always trying to be kind and nice. - Bonnie Jones, Kindergarten Teacher, Lewisburg Primary School
My wife, Ali, and I have decided to support Integrity Time because we are impressed with the effectiveness of the curriculum as has been evidenced by quantifiable results in classrooms across the country and around the world. American children need instruction in more than just traditional disciplines; they need moral and ethical instruction as well. We believe that communities are stronger when their people share a vision of what is good and true and right, and we believe that Integrity Time teaches that very effectively. - Rivers Rutherford, Award-winning songwriter
I have become increasingly concerned with the issues of bullying in our schools, and the fact that so many children are not being exposed to character building exercises at home or in the classrooms. My wife Mary, and the Haskell Foundation Board agree, and we are so pleased to partner with Integrity Time’s Sara Berry and Kerry Coke to try to make a real difference in these children’s lives. - Sam Haskell, Chairman of the Mary Haskell Kirkpatrick Scholarship Foundation
Integrity Time is the bomb at our house!!! Thanks for all of your positive teaching. - Janice Driskell, parent
I’m a HUGE fan of Integrity Time! I am thankful that they teach these values in our schools. Of course, it starts in the home, but reinforcement at school is wonderful! - Rhonda Smart, parent
My son, Ewing, (just turned 6) came home from school today… ‘Well, Mom, you know Tuesday is Integrity Time day…today was Quality.’ I quickly asked what that meant… ‘Well, you are supposed to do your very best at EVERYTHING you try… you don’t have to be perfect, just try your best.. .like coloring in the lines and everything else in the whole world.’ - Jane McMullen, parent, Jackson, MS
I teach the special needs class at West Corinth Elementary, and I provide guidance to the other schools in the district regarding their special needs population. We use the Integrity Time program in our class and the children just love it… but one child in particular really loves it. He has autism. Although his speech is limited he is very intelligent and can read just about anything. He loves the music CD, so much so that his mother got one to play in the car to calm him. Everyday when it is time for Circle Time he looks at me and says, ‘Integrity Time.’ He has memorized all the songs and asks to play with the puppets all the time. Although I have to modify some of the lessons to fit my class, the concepts can be attained by all of the children and they work hard to be the integrity winner each week. Good Job. - Shana Hale, Special Education teacher, Corinth, MS
They (the children) can repeat to themselves, ‘Am I doing what is true? Am I doing what is good? Am I doing what is right?’ And they can self-evaluate the situation for themselves. It teaches them about life. - Denise Webb, principal in Mississippi
You are starting at the right age level actually, because when you start with Kindergarten you are instilling those skills that they don’t get at home, and they can use those skills in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd… and once they get to 4th or 5th grade, they can say, ‘Ok, I know this stuff! I can use this!’ - Anthony Key, administrative intern, Mississippi
Integrity Time has enhanced all aspects of our school, not just that one part of character education. It has really helped build a community with our school. - Diana Ezelle, principal, Mississippi
They (the children) definitely need these skills to be productive citizens!

Lakeisha Boudry, teacher, Mississippi

If you take the topics that are covered in Integrity Time, and then look at the (statewide) counseling curriculum (requirements), it is right on target!

Beth Smith, school counselor, Mississippi

Integrity Time has been embraced by the parents, teachers, and administration in our district. We have found that it definitely makes an impact in how children are behaving in the classroom, and we have actually seen a decrease in disciplinary referrals to the office. Teachers and children live Integrity Time throughout the day. – Lee Childress, Superintendent of Education, Corinth City School District
‘Now, Grey, do you know what generous means?’ I listened to her (my daughter) recite her Integrity Time lesson to her 3-year-old brother, and I thought, ‘This is what it is all about! She is bringing it home and sharing it in a way that is different from the way that I would use to express those values, but she is bringing home the work from school!’ And it was just a beautiful thing! – Kathy Tucker, parent
We are now working with about 200 kids each Monday. It has been amazing, awesome and challenging. I ran into a first grade teacher at Lester Elementary, and I asked her how her class liked Integrity Time. She said that they loved it. I can now walk into any of the pre-school through third classes and ask, ‘What time is it?’ and get the response, ‘It’s Integrity Time!” – Linda Campbell, Memphis, TN
Integrity Time reinforces the things that our principal says everyday. – Ann Roberts, school counselor
I have enjoyed teaching it! It is amazing what it instills in our children! – Cindy Bean, parent volunteer
For many, it (Integrity Time) was the most exciting part of their week! – Wendy Collier, parent volunteer
I can’t thank her (Sara Berry) enough for sharing her program with our school, because it has made a tremendous impact. – Larry Harmon, school principal
Integrity Time teaches children the lifelong benefits of doing the right things. Organizations that partner with schools in teaching values, character, and citizenship are investing in the future of their community. – JC Burns, Burns Development Group, Ridgeland, MS
Integrity Time turned ‘learning values’ into ‘living values’ with my kindergartners. It was a blessing to have in a classroom full of young children. I love the program and now use it with my 2-year-old daughter who wakes up ready to have ‘Tegrity Time’ with mommy every day! – Tiffany Gaines, Parent and Teacher, Hartselle, AL
Integrity Time is not only an investment in your children; it is an investment in your future workforce. How wonderful would it be to have employees with high values and integrity. – Bernard Bean, Director of Operation, Sweet Peppers Deli/Harvey’s Restaurants, Tupelo, MS
ABC Integrity Time has the potential of positively changing our classrooms, our homes, our communities, and even the world! Character education in schools is so important in today’s diverse society. Without such values as respect, kindness, cooperation, and integrity, the academic achievement would be futile. I am so convinced that Integrity Time is the BEST character education program, and I would recommend it to any school, public school or private school. – Kate Butler, Principal, West Corinth Elementary, Corinth, MS
Integrity Time is an excellent interactive and fun program for teaching children important values and building a strong character. Giving our children a solid foundation of all the principals covered in Integrity Time- honesty, trust and respect – equips them for their future and helps ensure that they have a better tomorrow. – Lane Williams, National Insurance Broker, New York, NY
This is my fourth year to teach Integrity Time at Church Street Elementary. My experience as a volunteer teacher of Integrity Time has been great! The lessons are self-explanatory and the kids love the music. They like to dance along with the songs and repeat each song several times. The repetition is great for helping them remember the topics we discuss. The children run up to me when I’m at school and want to know when we’re having Integrity Time. They truly look forward to our time together. I have had kids tell me experiences of topics we have discussed such as being wasteful, being rude, being a good friend or being honest. My son pointed out that he saw someone wasting sugar at a restaurant one evening at dinner. Never before would he have recognized another child playing with sugar packets as being wasteful. I realized that he had understood an important lesson for life. – Teresa Newcomer, parent volunteer
I have really enjoyed this year. I have seen a difference in the children’s behavior because of Integrity Time. – Linda, Memphis, TN

And more from educators in Mississippi:

  • When children see others get in trouble, they ask each other, ‘Are you being a kid of integrity?’
  • It is very easy for the children to learn and remember. Therefore, it is easy to bring back to their remembrance when things happen (as they sometimes do) that are not appropriate behavior. It encourages them to correct their own behavior.
  • A little girl who struggled with making good choices was not very responsive to the Integrity Time lessons – so I thought! Typically, she did not show remorse. However, one day she came up to me and said that she was feeling bad because she said something mean and knew she needed to apologize. This was a breakthrough! The honesty lessons had begun to sink in as well as the kindness lesson. School was obviously the only place she was learning character principles, and I can see it (Integrity Time) making a difference in so many little lives.
  • I’m enjoying teaching Integrity Time at my child’s school. The children really seem to enjoy it! They love the music and I’ve noticed a lot of little faces light up that weren’t so lit up before.
  • I use Integrity Time everyday, many times a day. I use it as a springboard with individual children throughout the day.
  • Love it!
  • I have been volunteering for 5 years now and I truly love Integrity Time! Both of my children love it, too. I have seen a definite impact in my house. Thank you very much for what you do.
  • To me, it is the everyday application of each letter the children continually amaze me with—They truly get it!
  • Each week my students enjoy the letter of the week, the puppets, the music, and the celebrations. Integrity Time is an incredible way to teach my young students such a wonderful vocabulary of intangible words. It works!
  • I have never considered myself a ‘teacher,’ yet I volunteer to teach Integrity Time each week in my child’s class. It is so easy to teach, even for me!
  • The children get so excited when I come to teach Integrity Time! They especially love the music!
  • I volunteered to teach this in my son’s classroom 4 years ago. Now I am a teacher. My classroom students love the music now. Awesome program.
  • My own child loved Integrity Time for all the years he was at Church Street (school). We sang the songs in the car and at home!
  • Many of our students are not taught character values in the home. This program guides us in teaching all students. Thanks!
  • After teaching Integrity Time lessons, students are heard singing songs or reciting some of the quotes from the lesson. My favorite is when students tell each other about using sweet words and not sour words.
  • I believe that when kids see their friends’ parents come in and teach a lesson, it really helps the students see how important integrity is.
  • My students love the puppet faces. I hang them on the walls for a while after lessons and they say things like ‘we don’t want to be like Fighting Frido.’
  • I currently have a grandmother (who was a former teacher) coming to my room to do Integrity Time!
  • Hey Sara!! I just wanted to thank you for taking time to come to our school to share about Integrity Time…. awesome program!! I teach 2nd grade there.
  • I have my Homeroom Mom come into the room to do Integrity Time. She comes every week and does a great job. The kids look forward to it and LOVE it!
  • I did Integrity Time Know It in my class last year! Fabulous! Would LOVE to have Grow It!!
  • In different classroom situations my students will independently say aloud ‘Remember, D is for Determination’ or ‘K is for kindness.’ It is awesome to see how the lessons have been internalized. I know they have because the students speak about what they have learned in the appropriate situations. EXCELLENT!
  • The students LOVE Integrity Time. Because they are familiar with it, it gives me a foundation to refer to when we have to address a problem. Thank you!