Thanking Obedience

Sometimes the obedient child seems to fall through the cracks because we take them for granted. Certainly, we are exceedingly thankful for them, but we might forget to recognize them because we as educators seem to spend a great amount of our time correcting negative behavior.


Try writing a thank you note to students when you see them exhibiting appropriate behaviors. This can be a simple pre-made strip of paper with a sentence template. Acknowledge to them the specific behavior and explain what a positive affect their actions had on their performance or on the classroom as a whole. You should see two things happen: 1) the students who are obedient will recognize their behavior as important, and, therefore, will continue and 2) other students will desire the same praise and will likely imitate the other student’s behavior. And of course, give them a thank you note as well and just watch what happens.

by Allyson Willis